When there is a design in the fabric, multiple Chair Covers might not be identical.  
Matching Colors:

Unless you purchase the matching materials when you purchased your furniture, it isn't easy to match so I suggest you use an accent color that will blend well in the room and show off your furniture.
Pick 2-3 fabric choices and ask availability.

Chair Headrest Covers:

Each Recliner/Chair Cover is handcrafted, not assembly line made.  Because I use upholstery fabric, the covers are nice and sturdy and lay nicely on the back of any chair.  Each fabric edge is Zigzag stitched (when needed to prevent fraying) folded and then top stitched twice for a nice flat edge.  I sew each corner with a diagonal stitch for reinforcement against wear and tear.  I create my Chair Covers with extra length to fit any size recliner or chair.  Attachment to the back of the recliner is easy with two upholstery cork screw style tacks with clear heads (Included with Purchase).
IF YOU HAVE LEATHER FURNITURE and you do not want to use the upholstery tacks… (View video link) "Three Attachments Available".  I offer a NON-SKID Kit or Elastic Straps with D-Rings, each an additional $10.00 cost per Chair Cover for size 14x30.  Both alter the original inventory so becomes a Custom Order.

If you want the ELASTIC STRAPS, you will have to send me measurements. The standard 30" length of the inventory covers usually isn't enough so all four corners are even length. The elastic straps are sewn to the two front corners of the cover and the D-Rings are sewn to the two back cover corners. The elastic holds the cover close to the chair and the D-Rings allows the customer to adjust the length so it will fit the chair without too much tension. (View video links).

I suggest Elastic Straps be used if purchase will be for Office Leather Chairs because they are thinner than a recliner.  In your Custom Order note, tell me which elastic color you want.

Elastic Colors Available:

Black, Tan and White.  (Tell me your choice of color).

How to Measure for Headrest – Arm – Foot Covers:

Measurements should be what you want the finished cover to be in width and length.  
Click the appropriate short Video Links on the Video Page.  Each will show the proper way to measure for Chair – Arm - Foot Covers.

Chair Arm Covers:

Average size is 15" x 15" but every chair arm is different. I only make the “Napkin” style. I include four upholstery tacks with purchase of a pair. If you use the upholstery tacks, I suggest you tack the Arm Cover under the arm on the outside of the chair and lay over the arm leaving the inside loose.

Footrest Covers:

Elastic Straps with D-Rings are used to hold the cover to the Footrest.  TELL ME if your footrest is “chaise” style or if there is space between footrest and leg & seat of chair.

Cleaning Instructions:

Hand wash in cool water with a mild soap, rinse well, hang to air dry.  If material needs ironing, set iron on low- medium heat. Test the iron on the inside hem before ironing on the front of the material. Most fabrics iron out well. For Vinyl Covers, usually just a damp cloth will be needed.  ONLY iron the cotton backing.

Sales Tax:

If purchase is shipped to a Florida State address, State Sales Tax will be automatically added at check-out.

All Items are created in a Pet and Smoke Free studio.